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Hello! It is my pleasure to introduce myself, Brian Pleasants, a Nexthome Zenith agent. Over the past four years, I have been a realtor, and I absolutely love what I do. Allow me a moment because I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Ruther Glen, Virginia, and yes, you'll definitely hear my southern accent when we speak. Lol. For those of you who have traveled I-95 you've probably seen the Paramount Kings Dominion exit, which is where my hometown is located. This is where you will find the greatest horse ever created, the Secretariat. Growing up in a family that taught me you have to work hard for what you want; I learned the importance of working hard and since the age of 15, I maintained two jobs into my adult life. My family also encouraged me to always remain humble, kind, to never forget where you came from, and to never give up. Those are words that I live by daily.


My entire adolescent career was spent in customer service. Whether it was at an amusement park, working in a fast-food restaurant, in a bank, insurance firm, printing factory, or in retail. After graduating from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Governmental Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice and a focus in Forensic Science, I pursued my dream of becoming a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and as a result, a family member suggested I apply for a position as a Correctional Officer. I didn't really want to do that, but I thought it would also be a great way to get my career started in law enforcement. Eleven years later, I would change both my career and life for love. 


Fast forward a little bit, at the time I decided to leave VA I was working retail at Bath and Body Works along with being a Correctional Officer, and I transferred that retail job location to the NJ store. Upon arriving in NJ, I also interviewed with Starbucks where I became a store supervisor. It was a great experience working at America's most beloved coffee spot, and I learned a lot about how businesses work. As time passes, I meet a lovely woman on vacation who suggests that I apply for a job at RWJ Barnabas Health. After I applied for the position, I was hired as a Mental Health Associate in the Short-Term Care Psychiatric Ward. So here it is my journey began with inmates, then customers, and on to psych patients. Although challenging, the career was rewarding at the same time. You get to see people at their lowest, but then blessed at their best. You never know what God has in store. Well to my surprise that same statement would impact me as well. In the course of my work at the psych hospital, I decided to pursue obtaining my real estate license. My mornings were spent going to school and in the evenings, I spent the majority of my time working at the hospital. After passing my classes successfully, it was time for the state test. I went in with a positive attitude, and I just knew I would pass. But once again, I was wrong. Despite a few failures, I never gave up. "I think you should look for something else to get your license in," the lady at the test site said to me. I refused to accept that, and just thought I needed a different location that suited me better with a totally different vibe. Well, that proved to be true, after I completed my test, I walked out the room, and the site coordinator congratulated me on successfully passing the test.  


Having worked in customer service and dealing with people for over 25 years, I finally discovered my purpose. Helping others is my life mission. It's not about earning money or what you get in return. It's about seeing someone's face light up when they find their dream home or learn their offer has been accepted. As a result of this process, friendships develop, as does the never-give-up attitude when offers aren't accepted or homes don't sell. Throughout the hard times and the easy ones, I will be there for you. I will never give up and I will continue to be kind and humble throughout your entire process. It's never about the house, it's ALL about you.
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